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A Guide For Building Your Home Office

Today, more people are working from home (WFH) than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced millions of people to turn their beds and dining rooms tables into makeshift home offices

If you are one of the many people who expect to continue to WFH. Or you are part of the growing number of people who are seeking a WFH position. Then it’s time you consider building a productive home office.

In this guide, we will start from scratch. Then build on the essentials one at a time. If you already have the component simply move on to the next one

The Office Space

Choosing a workspace is just as an important decision as to which computer you choose. The workspace sets the boundaries (both physically and mentally) between work and leisure. You should choose an area that is isolated from household traffic and insulated from outside noise. Not everyone has a den or basement, that’s ok your bedroom will do just fine, as long as you are working from your desk and not your bed.


It is a given that your employer will require you to have a reliable internet connection. Also, some employers may require you to connect directly to your modem via an ethernet cable. And some companies may require you to have a dedicated landline.

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Choosing the right computer for your home office is pivotal. Which computer is right for you may depend on several different factors.

Windows or Mac

Most companies these days can accommodate both windows and mac computers. But there are a significant number of employers who require you to use a windows operating system. If you own a Mac , you still have a few options.

Option 1. Buy a windows pc for work, and use your mac for leisure. This will help to define the boundaries between work and play.

Option 2. If you have the latest version of MacOS, you can use its Bootcamp utility to download and install windows10 on your Mac. This will essentially turn your MacOS into a WindowsOS.

Option 3. Search for companies that use the MacOS.

Laptop Or Desktop

Company servers don’t care whether you use a desktop or a laptop. So once the WindowsOS vs MacOS issues are settled, you are free to choose a computer that best fits your lifestyle and budget.


If you are only able to afford one computer, the laptop may be your best choice. Because the laptop is portable you can work from your desk during office hours. Once it’s time to clock out, you grab the laptop a cup of coffee, commute to the bedroom and kick into leisure mode, this should only be a temporary situation. Ideally, you should have a computer for work and a computer for leisure.


If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a second computer, then the desktop is the way to go. The desktop computer usually comes with a large screen, this helps to prevent eye strain and fatigue. Desktops also tend to have more processing power.

All-in-one Computers

All-in-one computers can give you the best of both worlds. Like the desktop, All-in- one has large screens and a of lot processing capability. And like the laptop, the all-in-one is a great space saver and is more portable than the desktop.

Computer Desk

Which computer desk you choose may be based on factors such as style, budget, and how much space you have available. If you are into style, then you will be happy to know that your options are limitless. Today computer desks come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Finding one that fits your home decore should easy and fun.


Gone are the days when the printer stood alone as the computer’s trusted sidekick. Thanks to advances in other computer components, such as the USB Scan disk. The printer has been reduced to the role of a bench player, With the exception of those in fields such as graphics, publishing or legal, (where a printer is essential). Most WFH positions will not require you to have a computer printer. So you might ask yourself, do I really need a printer ?. The answer is yes. Just think of it this way. When it comes to printers, (it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it).


If you work in or plan to work in the telecommunications field. noise cancelling headset are essential.


Your home office should be the perfect blend of style and function, not style over function. Your home office should reflect your style and taste, but it should also reflect your hard work ethics. It should inspire you to be at your productive best

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