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The Best Gaming Monitors for 2021

Your computer monitor act as your eyes in the virtual world. Navigating the virtual world with a subpar monitor is like, navigating the real world with poor eyesight, things are a bit blurry. Well, you don’t need glasses. What you do need is a high-performance gaming monitor.

We compiled a list of the 10 best gaming monitors for 2021. Based on factors like refresh rate, resolution, TN, IPS, aspect ratio, and budget. Here are our recommendations.

Acer Predator X35

Display Size: 35 inches Refresh Rate:200 hertz Resolution: QHD Ultra Wide 1440p Response Time:2 milliseconds

With an average price tag of $2,000, this monitor is out of reach for most of us. But if you have money to burn. The Acer Predator X35 is as good as it gets, Its curved 35” screen and state-of-the-art technology immerse you into the game.

Best Pick

Asus Rog Swift 360Hz PG259QN

Display Size: 25 inches, Refresh Rate: 360 hertz, Resolution: FHD 1080p, Response Time: 1 milliseconds.

Average Price $850

The Asus Rog Swift 360Hz PG259QN refresh rate of 360 hertz and response time: 1 millisecond makes it the fastest monitor out there. Back that up with FHD 1080p resolution and a price tag of $800 you have our best pick.

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ViewSonic Elite XG270QG

Display Size: 27 inches, Refresh Rate: 165 hertz, Resolution: QHD Wide 1440p, Response Time: 1 milliseconds

Average Price $570

The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG offers a lot of quality at a great price.

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Pixio PX277

Display Size :27.00 inches, Refresh Rate:165 hertz, Resolution: QHD Wide 1440p, Response Time:1.00 milliseco

Average Price $300

For a monitor priced at $300 this one delivers. Great performance on a budget

LG 27GN950-B

Display Size: 27 inches, Refresh Rate: 144 hertz, Resolution: 4K UHD 2160p, Response Time:1 milliseconds

Average Price $1,100

The LG 27GN950 is without a doubt the best 4k gaming monitor on the market The LG 27GN950 cutting edge technology, flawlessly integrates stunning 4k resolution, with a 1 millisecond response time and a 144hz refresh rate. this makes the 27GN950 a very impressive gaming monitor. The downside is the 27GN950 only comes with a 27 ” screen and it is a bit pricey. But if you are dead set on getting a 4k gaming monitor, the LG 27GN950 is your best choice.


Display Size: 34 inches, Refresh Rate: 144 hertz, Resolution: QHD Ultra Wide 1440p, Response Time:1 milliseconds.

Average Price $770

The MSI Optix’s 34 inch ultra-wide curved screen will totally immerse you into your favorite game. The MSI overall performance is solid. and it is priced significantly lower then other 34 inch gaming monitors.

Make sure you check the monitor’s spec requirements for compatibility, some monitors may require a video card upgrade.

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