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Featured Post

When it comes to headphones there are two types of consumers.

First, there are the bass enthusiasts. The enthusiasts like their bass upfront and dominant. They like an audio experience similar to that of a concert or movie theater.

Then, there are the music purists. The purist enjoys a nice calm clean audio where all the instruments are on an equal footing. To the purist, the whisper of the snare drum is as important as the boom of the bass.

Which group you fall into might depend on what type of music you like to listen too. Music genres like pop, rock, and hip-hop are bass-heavy. While jazz and classical music are more harmonic.

Thanks to today’s advanced technology there are headphones on the market that can satisfy your bass fix and still satisfy the music purist that resides in every bass junkie.

Based on factors like quality, price, and personal experience, we would like to recommend Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Headphones.

Here’s why-

Sensory Bass

Skullcandy patent technology features powerful bass drivers in each ear cup. These custom drivers deliver vibrations in response to low-end frequencies from your audio. This creates an experience that lets you not only hear your content but actually feel it.

Noise Isolation Technology

Skullcandy Crusher headphones have a passive noise isolation feature, unlike noise-canceling technology which completely blocks outside noise. Skullcandy Crusher headphones use isolation memory foam technology which dampens outside influences and allows the listener to focus on Crusher’s deep immersive audio experience.

Customizable Immersion

If you are a bass junkie use the slider to turn up the bass so you can feel like you are in the front row of a concert or like your actually in a movie theater. If you are listening to something softer just turn down the slider for less of bass response.


Bluetooth is easily discoverable on most devices. You can also use the included AUX cable for wired listening.

Industry-leading battery life

You get a insane 40 hours of battery life. Rapid charge gives you 3 hours use from just a 10 minute charge.


A built-in mic lets you activate your device’s assistant and make and manage calls. On-ear buttons allow you to control the bass, change tracks, and adjust volume..


What’s great about the Skullcandy Crusher headphones is that it starts with a clean crisp sound. Then through its audio sensory technology, it allows you to bring the bass to the forefront without distorting other audio elements. So what you get is a clean audio experience. And the price tag of about $100 allows you to enjoy high-quality banging base on a budget.

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Listen Responsibly

Remember your eardrum is not a instrument, don’t bang on it too hard. Damage can be permanent.

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