Increase Your kitchen’s IQ

Increase Your kitchen’s IQ With These Essential Smart Appliances

When it comes to the automated home. most of us think, smart lights, smart locks, and smart thermostats. But it just so happens that some of the most useful smart devices are your kitchen appliances.

The Smart Kitchen is continually evolving. From smart ovens to smart coffee makers to smart faucets (no really, that’s a thing. smart faucets). Your kitchen has the potential to be the smartest room in your home. Though not quite the Jetsons, today’s automated kitchen is chock-full of smart devices that make your life a lot easier.

We compiled a list of some of the most useful smart kitchen appliances.

The Assistant

Though technical, not a kitchen appliance. The Assistant is one of the most important components of the automated kitchen. It not only controls other smart devices but it interacts with the user in a variety of useful ways. Want to try a new dish for dinner?. The assistant can get you the recipe or even a YouTube video on how to prepare the meaL. The assistant can also compile the grocery list, make video calls, and even answer the front door. All from the comfort of the kitchen counter.

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Smart Assistants with Display

Smart Oven

The Smart Oven is designed for precision cooking. Most smart ovens employ some sort of sensors, such as temperature probes, scanners, and cameras. These sensors eliminate the need for constant monitoring and take the guesswork out of cooking. Smart ovens can also have any number of preset functions. With all this help it will be hard to screw up dinner.

In addition to all these to all of these great features. Most smart ovens are multi-functional devices, that can cook in several different modes, air frying, broiling, baking… Having one device that can cook in these different modes is both practical and cost-efficient. But best of all it clears up space and lets your beautiful counter shine.

Smart Lights

Smart Switches

If you live in a new or renovated home or apartment. Chances are you have Smart Switches that can control your lights. But if it just so happens you don’t have a smart switch. no worries, you can buy one for $30, and DIY installation is quick and easy.

Smart Blubs

Not the do-it-yourself type, Smart Bulbs are a great alternative to smart switches. The bulb is flexible and easy to install and can be controlled by a phone app or smart assistant.

The downside for the smart bulb is that they are expensive and the cumulative cost can be staggering. A single bulb can cost $25 or more.

Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are an inexpensive way to control the kitchen lights. The cost of a smart plug is about $5 a lot less than the cost of a smart bulb. So you can use as many as you please. The plugs work with any lamp. But I found them to be extremely useful for controlling under cabinet light strips.

Now that you have the essentials, you can begin to add other appliances like Smart Coffee Makers, Smart Scales, or maybe that Smart Faucet

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